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Affordable tuition is just the start

You’re seeking a degree to make more in the days to come. But what about saving today? We’re doing all we can to make your online college degree affordable, guiding you through the universe of available scholarships and grants, creating our own exclusive, money-saving Strayer programs, even letting you know of other ways to help you stay on budget, like transferring qualified credits.

不卡的在线AV网站_不卡av电影在线_每日更新在线观看avAll courses are subject to Strayer University policies, including a 10-year limitation on courses in accounting and computer-related areas. Terms of individual agreements may vary. Check your school’s agreement for details.

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The Graduation Fund — Only at Strayer

Build up tuition credits for your final undergraduate classes at Strayer with the Graduation Fund不卡的在线AV网站_不卡av电影在线_每日更新在线观看av. You can save up to 25% on your tuition—that’s up to $14,500 on the cost of education. Enrollment is automatic, so you start earning tuition credits as soon as you complete your first class; students have earned credit for as many as 10 final year bachelor’s degree courses.

Scholarship for the JWMI MBA program offered through the John F. Welch scholarship. Please contact your admissions officer for details.

不卡的在线AV网站_不卡av电影在线_每日更新在线观看avThis offer is not available to: (a) continuing students; (b) employees of Strategic Education, Inc. And its subsidiaries, and family members residing in the same household of such employees; or (c) students enrolled through Strayer@Work or Degrees@Work. For all other students, laptop available only to Strayer University students who: (1) are a new or readmitted student in a Strayer University bachelor’s-level program; (2) have at least six courses to complete in their program; and (3) enroll for classes starting fall 2019 quarter or later. Students must complete three of their first four quarters of enrollment, or return the laptop to avoid a $350 charge. This offer is subject to change at any time. Only one laptop will be provided per student. In the event the laptop is damaged, lost, stolen, or incapacitated, Strayer will not provide a replacement. All returns subject to return policy. Complete details are available in the bachelor’s laptop agreement or the bachelor’s laptop Verizon and Verizon Wireless loaner agreement, as applicable. Students receiving tuition assistance from Verizon or Verizon Wireless may only borrow and use a laptop subject to the terms of the bachelor’s laptop Verizon and Verizon Wireless loaner agreement. Limitations for other corporate-sponsored programs may also apply. Please contact your home campus or Strayer online for more information.

See how you can save

Graduation Fund savings make a big difference over the long run. How big? We’ve shown how it lowers the cost of an undergraduate degree compared to other online universities. And that’s only the impact of one program. Your admissions officer and personal student services coach can outline more ways you can save on tuition, including transfer and exam credits that can save thousands. Of course, cost is only part of the story—getting a degree employer’s value is priceless.

Start your bachelor’s with a new laptop

Enroll in any bachelor’s program, and get a new laptop preloaded with Microsoft software*.

* Important information about the Strayer laptop offer


不卡的在线AV网站_不卡av电影在线_每日更新在线观看avStrayer University offers three categories of financial aid: grants, loans and scholarships. Grants and scholarships are gifts of money that do not have to be repaid provided they are used to complete the student’s education. Loans are borrowed money, which must be repaid with interest.

Other sources of financial assistance are often available. Some of these include veterans' benefits, vocational rehabilitation benefits and employer sponsorships. A student should research all possible sources of financial aid.

不卡的在线AV网站_不卡av电影在线_每日更新在线观看avThe amount and type of financial aid that a student may receive are determined through federal and state guidelines. The typical financial aid award will be a combination of grants, loans and/or scholarships, depending on eligibility.

Personal student services coach

Our experts will help you find money-saving opportunities. Chat with us.

Law enforcement tuition assistance

Are you a police officer, sheriff, state trooper, ranger, or corrections officer? Get a tuition rate of $750 per undergraduate course. That's 48% cost savings.

Active duty military tuition reduction

Combined with individual service branch assistance can cover up to 100% of undergrad tuition.

Assistance for service workers

AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps and the National Helath Services Corps all offer college money in exchange for a service commitment.


U.S. Military Affiliation

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