Meet Irving, the new face of education

不卡的在线AV网站_不卡av电影在线_每日更新在线观看avStrayer is education for a new age. Designed to help students thrive in an ever-evolving world – a world that runs on space-age innovation and the instantaneous sharing of information.  


不卡的在线AV网站_不卡av电影在线_每日更新在线观看avOur students feel that same need for speed when looking for information or answers, and our AI-powered tools, like Irving, help them keep pace.

Irving’s always here for you

When it’s late at night and nobody else is around, Irving can be found on every page of our online student portal. Just click the chat icon, and he’ll pop right up and greet you by name, ready to have a conversation.


不卡的在线AV网站_不卡av电影在线_每日更新在线观看avIrving’s got answers on the spot. Thousands of them, for everything from financial aid to APA.

不卡的在线AV网站_不卡av电影在线_每日更新在线观看avIrving can actually do things for you, too – like recommend courses and make graduation projections.

With a little help from Irving, you can spend more time studying and less time hunting for answers – which helps you stay on track, and get your degree faster.

Why our students love Irving

Part cool professor, part trusted advisor, Irving is a lively, likable, reliable and caring online assistant. He is timeless, yet always part of the next generation. Most important, Irving believes in you and wants to help you succeed.

When you want a more human touch

Don’t get us wrong, we know Irving can’t do everything – he is a virtual assistant, after all. If you want to connect with a person, reach out to your Student Services Coach不卡的在线AV网站_不卡av电影在线_每日更新在线观看av – whose goal is to help you achieve your goals, and who’s there for you every step of the way.


Education for the way you learn today


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